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Planning our lives (or year)

Yesterday, we sat down and wrote down everything that we want to do in our lives. Let me rephrase. Yesterday, I sat down and forced Josh to participate as well, and wrote down everything that we want to do for the next year, that we currently know of. One more rephrase. Yesterday, I sat down with Josh who was not forced to participate, and wrote down everything that we want to do for the next year, that we currently know of. There, I think that was about as accurate as I can get. (Josh has now approved this sentence.)

I was inspired to do this after reading an article from The Simple Dollar, from which I basically took away that I needed to write down all of those little things that I knew in my head I wanted to do, that I meant to do, but that I just never seemed to get done. They’re not big projects, they’re nothing amazing, but they are things that will improve my happiness (even if it doesn’t make me that happy to actually do the task, the outcome will).

I invited Josh to play along with a list of his own, just to keep everyone motivated. I didn’t tell him the reason behind my wanting to do this, but he was willing to participate just for the sake of writing things down. I think it will be good for us to have lists to refer back to, so we don’t overlook anything that we had once thought of. Another benefit is that by writing it down, we can take that information out of our minds, which removes clutter from the brain.

The way I started it was by asking Josh, “What do you want to do in life?”. His first answer was “have kids”, so I was quick to refine the scope of “in life” to mean just “in the next year”. I wanted these lists to be specific things that we could just pick and decide to work on that day or that weekend.

I think we came up with a good list of things whose predicted end times range from this weekend to sometime next year. Now we just have to make an effort to not be totally lazy!

Today is a Friday, and Friday is Chipotle night! In college it used to be Movie & Chipotle night, and it was just me alone on a bean bag chair, inches away from my 42” plasma TV. But back then, I had a Blockbuster across the street from my apartment. Now the closest one was a few miles away, but they closed, and now the closest one is farther than I care to go. I also decided I didn’t much care to eat in the dark when I’m a good 4’ away from the glow of the TV. So it is now just Chipotle night, and usually we just watch TV. Actually, for the last year or so, we’ve watched Say Yes To The Dress with our burritos. I have a very, very strong association between wedding dresses and Chipotle burritos!!

I used to always get the steak burrito. Then, I started getting the barbacoa burrito regularly for the last month or 2. But I’ve become disgusted with the bits of gristle or LARGE chunks of unrendered fat, and so I decided that this week I would try the vegetarian burrito.


This is not the veggie burrito, but this is vegging!

I decided that I did enjoy the veggie burrito (you get guac on it in place of meat, for no additional charge, which I gladly took advantage of). It did, however, kind of end up tasting like a giant nacho. Maybe I need to get extra beans when I get vegetarian? I wish I could get half meat, half guac. Even when there wasn’t gristle, there were always overwhelming patches of nothing but meat, and it was just too much. I also noticed that the burrito ends up pretty cold without meat – the only hot items in it are rice and beans. This wasn’t a bad thing, and will make leftovers easier, but it also contributed to the nacho feeling.

I gobbled it up so quickly that I forgot to get a picture! Just imagine the big silver burrito – now cut it in half. That’s what I ate. Along with a cream soda. Mmmm cream soda. How did I used to eat the entire burrito + soda?! I don’t even know. Sometimes I would have the entire burrito and still feel hungry! Oh the damage.

I am looking forward to Josh and I starting on our tasks this weekend! I emphasized that these are not things we NEED to do, they are things we WANT to do – and if we don’t actually want to do them, then take them off the list – but also stop thinking that you will do it. If it’s removed from the list, it’s not something that will be done, by choice, and should no longer be dwelled upon. We’ll see how it goes!

Folding bed sheets

You know what’s not fun? Smashing your hand and breaking your nail off in the middle of the nail bed. It looks something like this after it’s bandaged:


I managed to do this while getting frustrated with attempting to fold a fitted bed sheet. I’ve never actually folded one before at all. I’ve just crumpled them in a ball, or left them to sit in my desk chair until it was time to use them again. This time I was determined to fold them properly!

It took me I think 1 entire hour to actually get it done, along with the matching flat sheet and pillowcases. Here is the final result (this picture is more pink than the sheets really are):


Looks good, right? Well, the stack is about twice as large as the packages these come in, and it didn’t quite fit all the way on the shelf, the way it should have. I followed some Youtube tutorials, but I’m not sure if they were meant for twin sheets instead of queen or king. I’ll try folding them a bit differently next time and see if it comes out the right size. Maybe I’ll even take some photos or videos along the way so that I’m able to repeat it later! But this is still better than crumpled in a ball, right?

After my fit of rage at the sheet’s lack of cooperation, and my resulting injury, dinner was simple. Delicious, nutritious, frozen fish sticks! With gummy, medium-grain rice. I guess that’s a risotto rice? I thought risotto rice was short grain rice. In any case, it was gummier than I would enjoy, but it was ok. At least it featured homemade tartar sauce!



As I was writing this, Chopstick started eating some tape off of a box, which is one of her all-time favorite activities and “foods”. She kept making crazy faces as she chewed up the tape, here is the best shot I could get from across the room:


What a crazy!