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One Month Anniversary

We’ve been married 1 month today! Yay! To celebrate, we broke out our new wedding gift table decor, and some of the actual wedding decor.

First, I started by cooking the dinner, which was Chicken Marsala.


Double the mushrooms, just how I like.

I set the table using the same table runner and gold charger plate that we used at the wedding. The other dishes and flatware are new! :D


Then I added a fancy shamncy fan-fold napkin with napkin ring. I’ve never had a cloth napkin or napkin ring before!IMG_9107 

The table all set!IMG_9114 

The newlyweds!IMG_9116 

The meal, finished and plated! I put too much sauce on this one, oops.IMG_9121


Josh is ready to eat!


Josh has been sick today, getting a sore throat :( By dinnertime, the sore throat was achieved, but he still pushed through the meal (I did offer to make something else if he preferred). But his favorite part was dessert! The second-to-last leftover piece of our wedding cake! And milk in the coffee cup, cuz that’s how we roll (in a circle).IMG_9127 

The anticipation!IMG_9130


Everything was delicious! I managed to get what seemed like the entire kitchen dirty, despite this being a 1-pot meal. Josh was a trooper and did all of the dishes while I put away the leftovers.

The new china and flatware has been safely locked away back in their respective boxes. We would leave it out but honestly, we don’t have the space for it. We have about 3-4x the kitchen items as we have kitchen space :( I look forward to when we get a house with a huuuuge kitchen! I don’t want to be one of those couples that only uses their wedding china once a year or less, but it probably will end up that way at least until we have a bigger space.

In today’s mail I got my first new debit card with my new name! Along with the forms I need to fill out to change 2 other accounts. Still no social security card, which means my name continues to be wrong at work. If my next paycheck is made out to my old name, will social security not record it and will there be an issue? Work’s website says how it’s important to have everything correct or SS may not record the paychecks properly…but then they won’t let me change it until I have the new card so…not really anything I can do there.

Hopefully Josh’s sore throat gets better soon!

Sunday morning breakfast

We have been married 4 weeks today! We finally had our first true Sunday morning breakfast since we’ve been married! Josh did write about how he loved making breakfast on weekends in his vows, so it’s about time we got to it. We did make breakfast yesterday – or I should say HE did, as he prepped and cooked all of it himself! – but today’s was extra special.

Because it was our first breakfast, nay our first meal of any kind, in our new, wedding-financed pans! Thank you to everyone who gave us Macy’s gift cards and cash – that’s how we were able to get these!

IMG_9088 Josh cooking up the 2nd day of crafting hash browns

IMG_9092 Me cracking the first fried egg.


The final breakfast plate!

I must say, those pans were awesome. Our old ones were so lightweight that they would tip over if not placed EXACTLY in the right spot on the stovetop. Which was super annoying. Also frying the egg resulted in the best shape and texture that we’ve had in fried eggs at home! And I won’t lie – being REQUIRED to lay down a nice layer of butter in which to fry them was quite awesome.

We also made our dinner in the pans – had 3 of them going at once even!

IMG_9095 This was steak marinated overnight in a special blend of mostly soy sauce, lemon juice, and tons of herbs that Josh took care of from a recipe he found online. Accompanying it was one of our favorites – sliced, “grilled” zucchini, and the last of a batch of Italian roasted potatoes I made a few days ago.

IMG_9100 Plated and ready to eat!

Our 1 month anniversary is in 2 days, and we’re planning on cooking something at home (currently deciding the menu) in our new pans, served on our new dishes with our new flatware, new napkins, and new napkin holders! How exciting! The only thing not new will be the cups – and that’s only because we had so many already and nothing at the stores looked super great to register for.

It occurred to me earlier that the dishes are a 5-piece place setting – dinner plate, salad plate, bread plate, cup, and saucer. That all sounds great. Except when I thought of defrosting the last of our cake leftovers to serve with it – why is there no dessert plate? Is the bread plate suspiciously reused? Do you wash it in between or just hope there is no butter residue? I likely won’t be serving bread with the meal so will just use that plate, but I do wonder what the norm is. Surely most “fancy” dinners in which these types of dishes are used would have both bread and dessert.

The thank you notes did not happen today… need to start soon!

Registry completion

Today we went to Macy’s to pick up the last of our registry goods. We had gone last week to buy the rest of the stuff that we definitely wanted but had not received as gifts. We got everything at a majorly AWESOME price, most especially on our cookware.


Our All-Clad take

Everything in the photo above was purchased for under $550, including tax. That box in the middle is their 10 piece stainless steel set which normally runs $680 alone. They were having a deal where if you buy over $500 of All-Clad products, you get a bonus cast aluminum dutch oven free. Only they didn’t have that in stock, so they let us have other All-Clad products up to the value of the dutch oven – which was $170! We chose a French skillet and marble pizza stone. They ran about $40 over the $170, but we just had to pay the difference.

Then, because we were completing our registry, we got 10% off. Except that for the next month, they bumped that to 20% off. They were also having 15% off all All-Clad products! So we got the 10 piece set for 35% off, and they even gave us the 20% off of the $40 balance on the free items. I’m pretty sure we weren’t allowed to layer all of those coupons and deals together at ALL, but Macy’s employees are some of the most powerful employees that exist. I think they may be THE most powerful of any retail store. All you have to do is ask “can’t we stack these?”, they scan the coupons, the computer does not accept it, and they override the prices anyway so that the customer is happy. Works for me! We saved tons on this stuff. Can’t wait to start using it!

Before that, we went to update my name on our apartment lease. They took a copy of the marriage certificate, but in the end decided that since our lease is up at the end of August, they will just wait and put it correctly on the new lease. It seems weird to me that it’s ok to be wrong for a month, especially them knowing it’s wrong, but whatever, it’s their lease.

After the lease, I mailed in my passport for updating. My coworker pointed out the other day that there is probably a lot of people with renewal paperwork freshly sent in, as a result of the rate hikes the other week. So who knows when I might get it back. At least I don’t need it anytime soon that I know of.

We also went to update my name at Chase. The teller sent us to a very, very, VERY calm fellow in “account services” in the cubicle portion of the…store? He was too calm. Everything was v e r y  s l o w and drawn out. And apparently, they have no authority to update my name on the credit card issued by them, only on the deposit accounts. What kind of nonsense is that? So I have to call on Monday to update the credit card. This after I already contacted them online and said what is the procedure to update it, and they said to go in! Gah.

This evening I’ve been playing what SHOULD have been the bulk of our wedding reception music. Our DJ didn’t play at least 1/4 of the songs we gave him, which I considered to be our “must-play” list, and which did not fill up the entire time of the reception anyway. But I can’t change that now. In any case, it has been fun listening to these hand-picked songs. Josh and I danced to one of the slow songs which did not get played at the actual wedding, and it was nice. We’re not really dancers, but now and again we do enjoy dancing together.

Tomorrow we should probably get to steppin’ on writing our thank-you notes. When we were receiving gifts before the actual wedding, I would usually write them out within a few days of receiving the item. But now suddenly there’s a whole bunch at one time and the mere thought of it is daunting. I just need to break it up and only write a couple a night, just need to get started!