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Sunday morning breakfast

We have been married 4 weeks today! We finally had our first true Sunday morning breakfast since we’ve been married! Josh did write about how he loved making breakfast on weekends in his vows, so it’s about time we got to it. We did make breakfast yesterday – or I should say HE did, as he prepped and cooked all of it himself! – but today’s was extra special.

Because it was our first breakfast, nay our first meal of any kind, in our new, wedding-financed pans! Thank you to everyone who gave us Macy’s gift cards and cash – that’s how we were able to get these!

IMG_9088 Josh cooking up the 2nd day of crafting hash browns

IMG_9092 Me cracking the first fried egg.


The final breakfast plate!

I must say, those pans were awesome. Our old ones were so lightweight that they would tip over if not placed EXACTLY in the right spot on the stovetop. Which was super annoying. Also frying the egg resulted in the best shape and texture that we’ve had in fried eggs at home! And I won’t lie – being REQUIRED to lay down a nice layer of butter in which to fry them was quite awesome.

We also made our dinner in the pans – had 3 of them going at once even!

IMG_9095 This was steak marinated overnight in a special blend of mostly soy sauce, lemon juice, and tons of herbs that Josh took care of from a recipe he found online. Accompanying it was one of our favorites – sliced, “grilled” zucchini, and the last of a batch of Italian roasted potatoes I made a few days ago.

IMG_9100 Plated and ready to eat!

Our 1 month anniversary is in 2 days, and we’re planning on cooking something at home (currently deciding the menu) in our new pans, served on our new dishes with our new flatware, new napkins, and new napkin holders! How exciting! The only thing not new will be the cups – and that’s only because we had so many already and nothing at the stores looked super great to register for.

It occurred to me earlier that the dishes are a 5-piece place setting – dinner plate, salad plate, bread plate, cup, and saucer. That all sounds great. Except when I thought of defrosting the last of our cake leftovers to serve with it – why is there no dessert plate? Is the bread plate suspiciously reused? Do you wash it in between or just hope there is no butter residue? I likely won’t be serving bread with the meal so will just use that plate, but I do wonder what the norm is. Surely most “fancy” dinners in which these types of dishes are used would have both bread and dessert.

The thank you notes did not happen today… need to start soon!