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Housework binge

If you personally know me, you’ll know I go through stages. I latch onto something, go full steam ahead, and then I’m over it as soon as I started it. This is totally normal to me, and I never even noticed it really until a few people pointed it out to me in recent years, and it did make sense.

The last couple weeks I was on a digital organization kick. All of the sudden I had to have a new backup hard drive, and I had to fill it up right away. And promptly physically broke the thing and lost all my data (the only copy of some of it). This, in turn, required I buy yet another hard drive, copy everything I had left, and start to really organize files that have never seen organization over the past 10 years. It took over a week just to get to the point of being able to start organizing the files. I got them into general categories and ran lots of tools to ensure I had no duplicate files (not anymore – I did have tons and tons of duplicate files. This is what happens when you copy your folders again and again out of paranoia).

So what did that mean? That meant it was time to really get down to business! And that’s when I lost all interest in it. I had achieved my main goal – I now have dual backups fully replicated of all of my data ever. I can feel free to break 1 more hard drive and still be ok. Ideally, those backup drives would be fully organized and magnificent. But you know what, that is a lot of data. A lot of data. And the task became overwhelming. There was no hurry to organize files, as there had been to back everything up after I broke the drive, even though the initial drive (no pun intended) to start on this task came out of nowhere.

I had about 3 or 4 days after I gave up on digital organization where I floundered. I felt like I had nothing to do, and I actually thought it was from no longer having something as massive as planning a wedding always hanging overhead to fill up any free time. I think I was just waiting to hop on board my next quick train, though. Turns out that train was real-life organization!

For the last 3 days, I have been cleaning totally nonstop. I started in the living room, going through old boxes I’d been ignoring for…at least over a year now. I also cleaned out all of the windowsills (hadn’t done that since we moved in 3 years ago! Ewwww), and any random areas of dirt on the walls (yes, the walls actually get buildup in high traffic areas). The next day I cleaned the bathroom totally from top to bottom – and side to side, for that matter. I’ve never cleaned the bathroom that well or that thoroughly. It’s not only clean (as in grime) but it’s clean (as in organized). Everything is put away in it’s right place, everything is dust-free and beautiful. And it makes me so much happier. The next morning (ie this morning) I walked in and did not recognize it. That was a great feeling! I always feel like the bathroom is one of the hardest place to get in shape, especially when one owns too many bath products….as one might do…

Tonight I tackled what is easily the dungeon of the apartment: the walk-in closet. It sounds glamorous. It sounds like it contains the most fabulous collection of clothing, and most especially shoes. And I’m sure it would if I had a garage, laundry room, linen closet, and/or hobby room. Instead it’s the dumping ground for anything that doesn’t really have a place elsewhere. Sporting equipment, laundry accessories, hobby supplies, wedding decor that needs to be sold, wedding china we don’t have nearly the cupboard space required here, luggage, a giant ballgown that hasn’t yet been preserved and stuffed into a tiny box, bath towels, beach towels, sheets, handbags, a pull up bar, college diploma frame, guitar, skateboard, gift bags, art and MORE fill this space. Oh, and it also has clothes and shoes. Cleaning this beast has been dreaded. Nothing in there seems like anything can be done with it – it’s not junk, there just isn’t anywhere else for it.

Well, it turns out some of it was junk. Not much, but enough to help significantly. I still had my bag of ice skates leftover from the fire (“the fire” = the fire that destroyed my apartment in college 1 month before graduation in 2007) from which I had been meaning to harvest the blades and toss the rest, as nothing else could be salvaged (I’m not even positive the blades are usable). Tonight I harvested those blades and trashed the rest. This cleared off a big chunk of the overhead shelving in there. I also picked out a few items of clothing I haven’t worn in 4+ years, which was enough for me to be able to hang up the hanging sweater holder that Josh and I bought a year ago which we had only managed to fit on his side of the closet so far! It’s pretty exciting. I moved some boxes around and tada, about half of the closet was organized. It looks so much better already, and that feels better.

I also finally went through my leftover wedding items. Everything was sorted into sell, keep, donate, and I even washed all of the table runners so they’re ready to go too. That got rid of a big basket of stuff! What I have left to sell fits together nicely now in a small area, vs the millions of boxes taking up the entire floor in there before.

I’m feeling pretty great about myself through my success in cleaning and organization. I’m also feeling pretty tired though! I basically clean the entire time after work except for about 1 hour to eat and watch some TV. Just like everything else though, I’m sure I’ll be over this soon enough, so I better go all-out while I’m on this kick in order to achieve maximum payoff. So far I’m very happy with my work!

2 months and a first

2 days ago marked our 2 month anniversary of getting married! It’s kind of crazy how fast the 2nd month went by. The first month was filled with honeymoon and getting back into the swing of things at work, and was highly anticipated. The 2nd month just kind of snuck up on us. I realized it that morning, and messaged Josh “oh hey – happy 2 month anniversary” at work and he replied “Ya :O”, that’s how much we noticed it!

Needless to say, nothing special was planned, unless you count Movie and Chipotle Night. It’s actually the first time in a long, long time that we saw a movie with our Chipotle instead of a TV show (we saw Bedtime Stories – produced by Adam Shankman of SYTYCD and Step Up fame, who knew?). It also marked us being LATE with our thank you notes!!! Ahhh!!! Etiquette dictates that they all be sent out within 2 months of the wedding. I would say we have about 70% left unsent and unwritten….but I’ve also learned that most people don’t know a darn thing about etiquette, especially when it comes to weddings, so perhaps no one will notice or care.

For breakfast on our 2-months-and-1-day anniversary (yeah I know these aren’t all “anniversaries” but it’s fun to say) we tried something brand new: buttermilk pancakes! We’ve had buttermilk before, I want to say for the purpose of making biscuits except for the part where I remember I had to find a recipe that specifically did not use buttermilk, but we’ve never made our own buttermilk pancakes. Now, Josh makes a good non-buttermilk pancake, and I’ve blogged about it before, but this was the first time we tried to match the magic of the buttermilk pancakes from Original Pancake House.

We used this recipe to create them. I actually never tasted buttermilk on its own before – the last time I used it in a recipe (which I can only presume were biscuits), it smelled weird and was really lumpy and I was pretty terrified of it, and thought perhaps it’s not meant to be tasted alone (the end product made from that stuff was fine). Yesterday, I tasted it! It also smelled weird (though not “EWWWW” weird as it had before), and seemed kinda lumpy (though it actually turned out to just be thickness causing it to galumph out of the container [I’ve just learned that “galumph” is an actual word! It didn’t underline it when I typed it and I thought, no way that’s a real word?? It is!]). The taste, however, was that of sour cream (aka not bad at all!). After they finished cooking (which took FOREVER at 1/2 cup per 5-inch pancake! Like 10 minutes per pancake and I could only fit 1 in the pan at a time!), I kept thinking I could taste sour cream – but that was also the case for about an hour afterwards, so I must have tricked myself by trying the buttermilk alone.

Today we have 3 leftover pancakes (they are HUGE!!!). Yesterday we each had 2. The nice thing about these is they seem to be really light – both in terms of texture and in terms of not weighing you down. When I have a reasonable portion (2-3 of 1/4-cup-each pancakes) of the non-buttermilk variety, I feel totally stuffed and heavy afterwards. Having 2 of the 1/2-cup-each pancakes did not make me feel that way at all. And they were soft and moist and fabulous. I quite enjoyed them! Unfortunately, nobody grabbed any photos :(

Off to enjoy the breakfast of leftovers…and hopefully writing some thank you notes!

Registry completion

Today we went to Macy’s to pick up the last of our registry goods. We had gone last week to buy the rest of the stuff that we definitely wanted but had not received as gifts. We got everything at a majorly AWESOME price, most especially on our cookware.


Our All-Clad take

Everything in the photo above was purchased for under $550, including tax. That box in the middle is their 10 piece stainless steel set which normally runs $680 alone. They were having a deal where if you buy over $500 of All-Clad products, you get a bonus cast aluminum dutch oven free. Only they didn’t have that in stock, so they let us have other All-Clad products up to the value of the dutch oven – which was $170! We chose a French skillet and marble pizza stone. They ran about $40 over the $170, but we just had to pay the difference.

Then, because we were completing our registry, we got 10% off. Except that for the next month, they bumped that to 20% off. They were also having 15% off all All-Clad products! So we got the 10 piece set for 35% off, and they even gave us the 20% off of the $40 balance on the free items. I’m pretty sure we weren’t allowed to layer all of those coupons and deals together at ALL, but Macy’s employees are some of the most powerful employees that exist. I think they may be THE most powerful of any retail store. All you have to do is ask “can’t we stack these?”, they scan the coupons, the computer does not accept it, and they override the prices anyway so that the customer is happy. Works for me! We saved tons on this stuff. Can’t wait to start using it!

Before that, we went to update my name on our apartment lease. They took a copy of the marriage certificate, but in the end decided that since our lease is up at the end of August, they will just wait and put it correctly on the new lease. It seems weird to me that it’s ok to be wrong for a month, especially them knowing it’s wrong, but whatever, it’s their lease.

After the lease, I mailed in my passport for updating. My coworker pointed out the other day that there is probably a lot of people with renewal paperwork freshly sent in, as a result of the rate hikes the other week. So who knows when I might get it back. At least I don’t need it anytime soon that I know of.

We also went to update my name at Chase. The teller sent us to a very, very, VERY calm fellow in “account services” in the cubicle portion of the…store? He was too calm. Everything was v e r y  s l o w and drawn out. And apparently, they have no authority to update my name on the credit card issued by them, only on the deposit accounts. What kind of nonsense is that? So I have to call on Monday to update the credit card. This after I already contacted them online and said what is the procedure to update it, and they said to go in! Gah.

This evening I’ve been playing what SHOULD have been the bulk of our wedding reception music. Our DJ didn’t play at least 1/4 of the songs we gave him, which I considered to be our “must-play” list, and which did not fill up the entire time of the reception anyway. But I can’t change that now. In any case, it has been fun listening to these hand-picked songs. Josh and I danced to one of the slow songs which did not get played at the actual wedding, and it was nice. We’re not really dancers, but now and again we do enjoy dancing together.

Tomorrow we should probably get to steppin’ on writing our thank-you notes. When we were receiving gifts before the actual wedding, I would usually write them out within a few days of receiving the item. But now suddenly there’s a whole bunch at one time and the mere thought of it is daunting. I just need to break it up and only write a couple a night, just need to get started!

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