Redoing my entire spice cabinet…again

Once upon a time, a girl became an at-home chef. As such, she acquired many a spice. Wishing for her spices to be easier to find, pretty, and uniform in their encasings, she set out to find the world’s most perfect spice rack. She spent countless hours researching, and finally settled upon a choice.

Fast forward 2 years, and the perfect spice jar had proven anything but. It only held 20 spices, or about half her collection, and they all came pre-filled, at least half of which were not any decent. The flip top lid, which at time of purchase had seemed the best of both the scoop and shake worlds, proved useless on both counts. Too small to fit any larger than 1/4 tsp, too messy to shake. And if she unscrewed the lid, spices went all over the floor due to a horrible top mechanism.

No longer could she stand this. And what’s more, she wanted the rest of her spices to also find their way into a comfy jar home, no longer in random tins, bags, and bottles. And preferably, the new home would be something totally expandable, so as to not confine her collection of spices.


The jumbled mess before the reorg.



Unsurprisingly, I actually found more upon closer inspection

These pretties were my selected benefactors. Aren’t they pretty? I thought so. I bought 60 of them. Yes, 60 of them. They’re sold in cases of 12 and I sure didn’t want to find myself with 49 spices and no jar to hold the 49th spice!!!



Then I got a labelmaker (which I also wanted for various other labelling) and made these pretty labels on clear tape. I actually spent a couple of hours perfecting the size and font choice on these. You only redo your spice cabinet once, right? Right?????



When it was all said and done (which actually took HOURS, I think I spent some 9 hours on this from start to finish??? I’m sure I took longer than was necessary, but not by too much!), I had this GORGEOUS array of easy to scoop, not too big and not too small, airtight, uniform jars!!! I had 45 spices in all (and yes I am counting a couple of blends as well as table salt “spices”, because they definitely benefited from this reorg), and filled the remaining 3 of my first 48 jars with turbinado sugar (sugar in the raw), catnip (for the cats), and temptations (also for the cats – they like airtight seals, too).



And to give you some idea of the scale of the jars and sheer magnitude of the number of spices involved…




You may also notice the spot on the carpet where I spilled a whole ton of turmeric. Ah well.

And so, the girl turned home-chef found herself with such a lovely collection of spices, in such a pleasing array of colors and uniform containers, that she was overjoyed. Never again would she spill spices all over the floor while just trying to use them. Never would she have to limit her scoops to 1/4 tsp. And never again would she dump the entire container of table salt into her dessert while trying to measure out 1/2 tsp. Not that that ever happened. Really, it didn’t. But there were some close calls.

Next up? Finding some kind of way of putting these jars away….They’re kind of just stacked everywhere I could make a single layer of the jars (they’re too rounded to stack, and they’re glass…and I don’t want to risk it) and still easily access all of them. My top 15 are in the cabinet next to the stove, and the rest are ordered alphabetically in another cabinet.

By the way, if you do clear spice jars, do your best to keep them in a cabinet or other dark surrounding. I feel obligated to say this, lest someone comment and tell me I misled them to leave their spices in direct sunlight and they became useless overnight. Don’t do that.

I just love them!

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