2 months and a first

2 days ago marked our 2 month anniversary of getting married! It’s kind of crazy how fast the 2nd month went by. The first month was filled with honeymoon and getting back into the swing of things at work, and was highly anticipated. The 2nd month just kind of snuck up on us. I realized it that morning, and messaged Josh “oh hey – happy 2 month anniversary” at work and he replied “Ya :O”, that’s how much we noticed it!

Needless to say, nothing special was planned, unless you count Movie and Chipotle Night. It’s actually the first time in a long, long time that we saw a movie with our Chipotle instead of a TV show (we saw Bedtime Stories – produced by Adam Shankman of SYTYCD and Step Up fame, who knew?). It also marked us being LATE with our thank you notes!!! Ahhh!!! Etiquette dictates that they all be sent out within 2 months of the wedding. I would say we have about 70% left unsent and unwritten….but I’ve also learned that most people don’t know a darn thing about etiquette, especially when it comes to weddings, so perhaps no one will notice or care.

For breakfast on our 2-months-and-1-day anniversary (yeah I know these aren’t all “anniversaries” but it’s fun to say) we tried something brand new: buttermilk pancakes! We’ve had buttermilk before, I want to say for the purpose of making biscuits except for the part where I remember I had to find a recipe that specifically did not use buttermilk, but we’ve never made our own buttermilk pancakes. Now, Josh makes a good non-buttermilk pancake, and I’ve blogged about it before, but this was the first time we tried to match the magic of the buttermilk pancakes from Original Pancake House.

We used this recipe to create them. I actually never tasted buttermilk on its own before – the last time I used it in a recipe (which I can only presume were biscuits), it smelled weird and was really lumpy and I was pretty terrified of it, and thought perhaps it’s not meant to be tasted alone (the end product made from that stuff was fine). Yesterday, I tasted it! It also smelled weird (though not “EWWWW” weird as it had before), and seemed kinda lumpy (though it actually turned out to just be thickness causing it to galumph out of the container [I’ve just learned that “galumph” is an actual word! It didn’t underline it when I typed it and I thought, no way that’s a real word?? It is!]). The taste, however, was that of sour cream (aka not bad at all!). After they finished cooking (which took FOREVER at 1/2 cup per 5-inch pancake! Like 10 minutes per pancake and I could only fit 1 in the pan at a time!), I kept thinking I could taste sour cream – but that was also the case for about an hour afterwards, so I must have tricked myself by trying the buttermilk alone.

Today we have 3 leftover pancakes (they are HUGE!!!). Yesterday we each had 2. The nice thing about these is they seem to be really light – both in terms of texture and in terms of not weighing you down. When I have a reasonable portion (2-3 of 1/4-cup-each pancakes) of the non-buttermilk variety, I feel totally stuffed and heavy afterwards. Having 2 of the 1/2-cup-each pancakes did not make me feel that way at all. And they were soft and moist and fabulous. I quite enjoyed them! Unfortunately, nobody grabbed any photos :(

Off to enjoy the breakfast of leftovers…and hopefully writing some thank you notes!

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