Name change nearing completion

Yes, yes, my name change is still not done! But I have received my social security card, updated my work’s payroll AND display name (on email and the inter-employee chat we use), got back my new passport, and went to the DMV to update my driver license. It actually was really easy to change my name on payroll. Changing it on my work email and chat? Took forever! And it’s still not updated on my work computer login.

I’m glad I got the passport back, and proud of myself for mailing it in ASAP so that 1) I wouldn’t have to pay again since I got it within the last year, and 2) so I would have it back right away and not drag this out any longer. The very last place I went was the DMV, and that’s because there’s a 1 month wait for an appointment! And it’s pretty much impossible to go without an appointment, unless you want to take the day off work. The actual change was easy enough – they didn’t even want to see the social security card! But they did say that they electronically verify it with them, so it needs to already be changed there.

I now have an interim license again for the first time in 9 years. I was surprised by the amount of people also getting interim licenses….people I seriously doubt were getting their first license OR changing their name. I wonder what else would cause that? Also, when I had my permit, it had my picture attached, so you knew right away how your license would look. But the interim license has no picture, so it will just be a big surprise to me how it looks! I didn’t like that I had to get a new photo (thought at least I knew in advance so I could try to look good), my old photo is one of the best pics of me ever (somehow!).

Once I get my new driver license in 2-4 weeks, and my work computer login changed, I think I’ll be all done with my name change! I bet I’ll discover some other crucial area that needs updating that I’ve forgotten, but I really hope not!

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