More chores, with pizza

Today was much like yesterday – lots of chores. In fact, we got the place pretty clean. It was a huge mess around the time of the wedding, and that had barely changed until this weekend. Now the mess is manageable, and I’m hoping to be rid of it entirely soon enough. My legs ache as though I had been running all day. Hopefully an entire’s day of cleaning = a workout.

We had the same breakfast as yesterday, the pancakes were just too good! We didn’t get any photos though.

For dinner, Josh tested out the new All-Clad pizza stone! We got a peel at Sur La Table last week, since previous pizza failures had been blamed on the lack of one. Tonight’s pizza featured Alton Brown’s original crust (though we did not do the rise overnight – but we have another ball of dough in the fridge that is taking that trip), Ragu’s “no sugar added” tomato and basil sauce, because I can’t stand the sweetness of commercial sauces these days and didn’t feel like cooking up my own batch of sauce, mozzarella, mushrooms and green pepper.

IMG_9184 I am le tasty!

It’s hard to tell from the picture, but it was just slightly larger than personal pizzas. We each had half of this one – and we each complained of being too full after! Good thing we didn’t each have a “personal” pizza.

I really enjoyed the mushrooms and green peppers, but I feel like it needs some kind of cheese mix rather than just mozzarella. I’m trying to think what other Italian cheeses are used on pizzas – provolone, parmesan? I’m not even sure. But I think a bit of a cheese blend would be nice. I’m also not totally sold on the sauce we used. I think if I would have made some fresh, it would have been better. But it worked well enough.

What I really liked was the crust!!! I’m not sure if it was the recipe or the stone or both, but this was far superior to previous pizzas. Previously we had done a mock Pizza Hut personal pan pizza, and it was delicious but it was also reaaaaally greasy, and we undercooked it a bit. After that, we had done some that I believe were the pizza dough version of “pain perdue”, a rustic French style bread – and those were nice but they were too crispy and not enough flavor. This one though, it had good flavor, good chew, AND a nice crisp bottom on it. It was great!!! Even though when making it, the dough refused to come together based on the measurements given. I should also note that pizza is another of Josh’s dishes – he’s the one who made all aforementioned pizzas (though I was the sauce maker, and I frequently help in prepping the toppings as well as doing the actual topping).

Yesterday, my new Social Security card came in the mail! This means I can finally change my name at work! How absurd that work is the last place to get the update. This also means that I am ready for my DMV appointment in 3 weeks. One thing that is weird, is my first name has been misspelled at work since I started there, despite me trying to get them to fix it (well, it’s right everywhere except on my checks and tax documents!). My last paycheck came on Friday, I had not sent them anything (no name change, no new W4 yet), and yet they fixed my name. What is that all about?! All of the sudden, 3 full years later. Hopefully sending in my new W4 with my new name does not cause confusion as they take over 1 month to change my name in the work system.

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  1. August 2nd, 2010 at 10:58 AM

    Josh says:

    Alton said to use a 3 cheese blend such as mozzarella, Monterey Jack, and provolone, so maybe those?