One Month Anniversary

We’ve been married 1 month today! Yay! To celebrate, we broke out our new wedding gift table decor, and some of the actual wedding decor.

First, I started by cooking the dinner, which was Chicken Marsala.


Double the mushrooms, just how I like.

I set the table using the same table runner and gold charger plate that we used at the wedding. The other dishes and flatware are new! :D


Then I added a fancy shamncy fan-fold napkin with napkin ring. I’ve never had a cloth napkin or napkin ring before!IMG_9107 

The table all set!IMG_9114 

The newlyweds!IMG_9116 

The meal, finished and plated! I put too much sauce on this one, oops.IMG_9121


Josh is ready to eat!


Josh has been sick today, getting a sore throat :( By dinnertime, the sore throat was achieved, but he still pushed through the meal (I did offer to make something else if he preferred). But his favorite part was dessert! The second-to-last leftover piece of our wedding cake! And milk in the coffee cup, cuz that’s how we roll (in a circle).IMG_9127 

The anticipation!IMG_9130


Everything was delicious! I managed to get what seemed like the entire kitchen dirty, despite this being a 1-pot meal. Josh was a trooper and did all of the dishes while I put away the leftovers.

The new china and flatware has been safely locked away back in their respective boxes. We would leave it out but honestly, we don’t have the space for it. We have about 3-4x the kitchen items as we have kitchen space :( I look forward to when we get a house with a huuuuge kitchen! I don’t want to be one of those couples that only uses their wedding china once a year or less, but it probably will end up that way at least until we have a bigger space.

In today’s mail I got my first new debit card with my new name! Along with the forms I need to fill out to change 2 other accounts. Still no social security card, which means my name continues to be wrong at work. If my next paycheck is made out to my old name, will social security not record it and will there be an issue? Work’s website says how it’s important to have everything correct or SS may not record the paychecks properly…but then they won’t let me change it until I have the new card so…not really anything I can do there.

Hopefully Josh’s sore throat gets better soon!

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