JAM (Just Another Monday)

Today was pretty uneventful. When I got to work, absolutely nobody else was there (at least not at their desk) except for 1 person. 3 entire rows of desks were empty aside from me and 1 person. It was weird! But it was coincidence across vacations and meetings.

After work, we went to the market (Josh and I work at the same company and take 1 car) to shop for tomorrow’s 1 month anniversary dinner. The menu has been decided: Chicken Marsala with egg noodles! Something I love to eat and to make but have done neither in months, maybe even over a year?

Lately I have not been wanting to eat meat – small, small amounts have been ok, but when it just screams “Meat!”, I really don’t want it. So tonight we had vegetarian soft tacos, just beans instead of any meat. They were quite good! I have to say though, I find it hard to plan a meal around no meat that isn’t exorbitantly carb-heavy (as in…90-100% carbs, and I don’t mean the kind from fruits or veg!). My only idea is beans, and I’ve certainly been having my share of them. I had a salad for lunch also with beans, and eggs for protein too. While I don’t really want to eat much meat…I also don’t want to become sick of beans. Thoughts?

Excited for tomorrow’s dinner :)

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