Changing my name, part deux

My coworkers had fun today. That’s because every couple of minutes they got to hear “Hi, I need to update the last name on my account”. Hooray for banks and other places having the same business hours as I work. What I have learned is this:

  • All credit cards will change your name over the phone, with no proof required
  • All banks will give you a hard time and require ridiculous quantities of proof
  • Every bank has different requirements
  • Frequent flyer programs have some of the strictest requirements

All of this seems quite absurd to me. My one recommendation if you’re getting married soon and planning to change your name, is close as many accounts as you feel you will no longer want or need. It will save considerable time. I’m thinking of just closing and reopening accounts just to avoid this hassle!

I managed to get all of my credit cards updated – well actually, Bank of America requires me to fill out some form which they will send. Zero banks let me update the name. Most of them won’t let me until I have my new driver license – my appointment at the DMV is not until 8/23 and I won’t have it until a few weeks after that, so I guess my bank info will just be wrong for a few months. Some of them let me fax over some documentation, but we’ll see how long it takes to actually update. Tomorrow I am going in person to Chase, one of the few (only?) banks that has local branches. Some banks even told me that I flat out was NOT allowed to change the name on my account – I don’t see why not, if I can change it legally.

All investment accounts required me to fill out their specialized form and mail that in, so I did that for 3 providers. However, Schwab only allows an in-person update, so I used my lunch hour to take care of that. It was easy enough once I got there, but just having to go in-person during work hours was annoying.

I also updated as many of my online accounts as I could think of. The good news is that 99% of them just let you make the change yourself online, phew! Can you imagine calling up every place ever? Too much work!

Tomorrow we get to go update our apartment lease. Hopefully that doesn’t turn into too much paperwork!

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